21. Now what?

I had what I like to call a successful 21st birthday.

I went out to a bar at midnight with some friends, I took some shots, drank a couple drinks (four vegas bombs and two jack and cokes for all those dying to know), went home, got a cake smashed in my face, drank some water, and went to bed.

And woke up, hangover free. Thank you very much.

Any way, the appeal has worn off. I am not a big bar person. I drank before I was 21, and buying alcohol, like driving by yourself, is only cool the very first time.

I like to say that I am an old soul, different from my most people my age. This is true, but I guess not because I am some wise, mature twenty-one year old. It may be just because, while I do carry myself very well, I am just interested in things that most people my age are not. I don’t like to go to bars or go to clubs. I am a pretty low key person. I love new things, and I love going to things. I like to read and go to movies and go to museums and hang out at home, curled up watching Netflix.

Maybe I am naïve. Maybe lots of people my age like to do that.

You know my good friend Melanie described me the best I think when she said I was a ‘free-spirit”. Or in other words, I base my life decisions and choices mostly on emotion. I am very spur of the moment. I am very passionate. I am very trusting and because of that I make choices that most people to not understand or agree with.

Like my parents. Or certain friends, or family.

But that is why I am starting this blog. I want to share my side of things. I want to share my thoughts.





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