Really Emily, another blog?

           This is my third or fourth blog now floating around on the internet.

I tend to get these really grand ideas, and say things like “I am going to start a blog and write all about my life and get really into it”. They are all great ideas. They mostly just fizzle out.

I have yet to find that one thing that truly grabs my attention and mind and soul and just forces me to delve my whole self into it. But, I started to get that blog itch again, for a number of reasons, some that I’m ready to share, and some that I’m not.

I guess the first reason is that I really like to write. I have always found writing to be my most effective way of expressing myself. I love writing a good short story, or a poem, or hell, a very nicely worded text message expressing my true feelings (I know how sad the lack of face to face communication is in my generation), or now, a blog post.

I want people to know who I really am. I want to share my ideas about things. I want to tell my stories and my success and my failures to anyone willing to read.


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