All I want is a puppy for Christmas.

So was upon a time I had a dog.

Her name Loki (named after the God of mischief, which turned out to be extremely fitting).

My ex-husband and I rescued her from our local animal shelter (we went in to look at cats and walked out with a dog). We had nothing! No dog food, no cage, no toys. Nothing. And to top it all off we were to meet up with my parents at medieval times about two hours later!!!

But my ex-husband had said he never really wanted a dog so when he showed interest I jumped at the chance.

She was cute and fun, and I had no problem taking care of her.

The only issue was that she needed a lot more room than we could give her.

She was a high energy dog and we lived in a trailer park and both had active work schedules.

We ended up giving her to our friend who had five other dogs and six acres of land. She is in her own personal doggy heaven.

I will put up a picture in a separate post so you can all see how cute she was!!

Now, I am in a place, or will be hopefully soon where I can get a puppy and I feel like I have found the perfect one! A BOSTON TERRIER!!! They are small, do not need a ton of exercise, they do not shed much, and also they are as cute as a button!!!! Image

I mean look at that face!!! Anyway so I am hoping that by Christmas I can get one. My boyfriends thinks they are terribly ugly, but I can’t get enough. Do any of you have Boston terriers? Are they as amazing as I think they will be? I would love your input!





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