The Undead is my specialty

I believe that everyone has something they are good at. I don’t care how big or how small your talent may be, we all have one. Although I love writing and singing, I would have to say that my skill is that I can do some pretty cool zombie makeup.

My boyfriend and I competed in a zombie prom  contest at a local pub this past Friday. Top prize went to the best couple, 300!! Now we thought for sure that we were going to lose to these guys:



Now if you haven’t seen the SNL skit with Chris Farley and Patrick Swazi competing to be Chip and Dale dancers, go, right now, to youtube. Watch it!!!

I thought their costume was so creative and unique and so there was no chance we would win! But after waiting for hours and much anticipation we were crowned! Here is what we looked like (by the way we won because we looked the most like a zombie prom couple!)



There we are, prom queen and king!


Anyway, I really thought I did a killer job on our makeup and it was such a blast!




Anyway, I wanted to show off my special skill!


What are your special skills?


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