Save Shamu

Save the whales! Save the Whales!

Please tell me you all have seen the documentary “Blackfish”

It will change you life. No, really. No, I know everyone says that about every documentary, but really, this one will.

Ever been to SeaWorld and enjoyed yourself? Get ready to feel really guilty that you had a good time, and to never ever go back again.




This documentary was released in 2013 and has been in the news a lot lately.

It covers the inhumanity of keeping Orca whales in captivity, and the devastating effects it has on the whales. The documentary focuses primarily on Tilikum, a male Orca whale at SeaWorld who made news in 2010 when he attacked and killed his trainer.

I have to honest, before this documentary I never even thought of this issue. It was not even on my radar.

Now, I think about it almost daily.

Now it is a cause I will join and fight for.


Theses animals should not be subjected to life in a swimming pool so that we can watch flip and swim around.


Watch this documentary. Let me know how many times you cried, or gasped, and let me know the moment it touched your heart in such a way that you would never be able to step foot in an establishment that holds these majestic creatures in captivity.


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