Will you be my Valentine?

As a rule, I do not like Valentine’s  Day.

And no, I am not one of the single girls claiming she doesn’t like the holiday because she does not have anyone to buy her anything.

I am a very committed relationship and yet, I really am not a fan of V day.

First of all it’s the obligation. Like, YOU MUST SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU LOVE ME ON THIS DAY!!! 

And I will [measure how much you love me] by how much effort you have put into the day….


I want days like that on a day when you are not forced to think about it.


I ran out last minute and bought my boyfriend a card and a candy bar last minute because I started feeling guilty I had not gotten him anything…..




So after that little rant,  I will say I had a great day with my Dad. He took me out to breakfast and went to see a movie, Lone Survior (see my review here https://justbeingemily.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/mooooovie-review-lone-surivor/) and it was so great. I cant remember the last time I had a day with my dad just him and me.

And then I went home and made dinner for my boyfriend and I, nothing special, and we exchanged our small-last-minute-bought-out-of-guilt-found-in-the-aisles-of-CVS Valentine’s Day Gifts. 




I received a “hug me” wiener dog (which I actually really like and now sleep with every night) and a chocolate (sorta) rose. 


Which is great and I really appreciate that he was thinking of me but it all just felt so forced. Like appreciate me and spoil me on a random day for no reason at all and that would mean so much more to me …(which he does, I am in no way complaining about him in particular)


Any other V Day haters out there? 



  1. mjeleon · February 21, 2014

    Haha, V day lover here 😉 I think part of it comes from the fact that growing up it was always celebrated as friendship day too- and it was perceived as less of an obligation and more of a celebration (like birthdays!). An excuse to do something for the people I care about. Regardless of whether that’s sending them a message on Facebook, giving them a hug, or buying them their favorite chocolates. This year I went out to Applebee’s and Orange Leaf for tasty treats with my lovely roomie, and sent cute little Facebook messages to some friends. I try to have fun with it ^_^ That being said, I also get that it can be silly or stressful or frustrating, but it’s definitely a holiday I appreciate (then again, I just love all holidays with a theme I can dress up as XD).

    • justemily3 · February 21, 2014

      Hey if you can have fun with it go for it girl!!

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