Why aren’t you married yet??


Does anyone know a couple that has been together for years and years and maybe live together, maybe even have children together, but haven’t pulled the trigger an gotten married?

I know a few couples that are in deeply committed relationships, have children, own property together, but are not married!

Oh, the anarchy!

No really thought I think this is a very interesting topic. The idea of marriage has changed a lot of the years. There was a time where you were both white, and young, and girls came with dowry’s, and just wow!

Look at marriage today! There are couples of the same sex, different ages, and races! There are celebs who get married and divorced within a few months!

Marriage is taken a lot less seriously. It’s not as “do or die”. I think the divorce rate is like at 60% or something!!!

Marriage has changed. A lot. And while I personally love the idea of marriage and respect the commitment that comes along with it, I do not think that someone who is married is any more committed to their relationship than any other couple.

You can promise to be with someone without having a ring on your finger and a legal document saying you are together.

There are benefits that come with being married that you just cannot get without it like being added to each other’s insurance, or filing taxes together, but if that is no big deal to you and you don’t care about marriage then who cares.

I bet you get a lot of comments though like “when are you two getting married’? and maybe people judge you when you answer “never”, like something is wrong with you!

Well stay strong all you couples out there that have decided there is no reason to take the plunge! There are people out there that totally see your relationship as valid!


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