I have to do something that it just totally shameful and brag a little bit about my once in a lifetime opportunity.

Granted, this blog is about four years late, but that just gives you a glimpse into the life of Emily: avid procrastinator.

When I entered my freshmen year of high school I took a foreign language class. Now, I went to an itsy bitsy teeny weeny small town high school ( I have 90 kids in my graduating class, all of whom I’d known since kindergarten) so my options were limited to German and Spanish.

Looking back the practical choice would have been Spanish because where the hell am I going to use German?..But, all my friends were taking German, so there I was.

I failed miserably by the way.

But I digress.

So, flash forward a couple years and I am a junior, seventeen and ready to take on the world, and I have the opportunity to spend 17 days in Europe with all of my best friends…

I mean…

I did not even blink.

It was a lot of hard work getting there. I worked my butt off (and so did my parents!) and we scraped together the money to send me off!

Still to this day, THE best experience of my life. If you EVER have the opportunity to travel abroad. Do it. Do everything in your power to do it. 


We traveled with a group called EF tours (and EF are my initials, so I took it as a sign from the universe that I was destined to go on this trip) and they made the experience so amazing. I was with a group of all my best friends, and we also were part of a large group of about 50 or so from people all over the country and I still talk to quite a few of them! 

We traveled to Germany, Italy, Paris, The Vatican, Switzerland, and London.

I saw so many incredible things. 

I stood at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I walked inside the Collesuem. I saw the Mona Lisa and the Sistine Chapel. I saw countless churches that took my breath away. I saw where Julias Cesar was killed. I climbed a mountain in Switzerland. I walked through a concentration camp…I mean…just reading this back to myself I realize again how lucky I was and blessed to be able to take this trip.


And now, because I know how  much everyone loves looking at pictures from other peoples vacation… are some of my favorites, and thank you for bearing with me! 


Ha, I promise there are not too many….Well maybe a few too many but, I’m sorry…


Let’s see. where to start….


Let’s start with Paris, the city of love. Despite the rumors I had heard, I found Paris to be lovely, and the people clean, and nice.

Of course THE thing to see in Paris is the Eiffel Tower! I got to stand at the top and the view was astounding.



Right I mean…amazing. Breathtaking, stunning, and all those other powerful adjectives.


Next up, let’s go with Italy



Yes so that woman above is real. And I know it is so awful to make fun of people and on some level I for sure feel bad…but I mean….look at her. She looks like something out of a bad movie…


Here are just the rest of the pictures I chose to share. Some include Switzerland and London and Germany! Enjoy!




Of course I had to stop by a local Mickey D’s while I was there!!!




This would be Notre Dam!




This my friend Jenny and I right after we landed in Germany. That is an 8 hour flight people. We were tired!






This my other half! Her name is also Emily and she is from Texas. We got close on the trip and even shared a room one night! I still am talking to this girl almost five years later!









Well I am glad that some of you read this. While I am shamefully bragging about my trip there is a overall message and that is to go. Go out and see, and do and touch and feel and taste and smell.

Use those senses you were blessed with. 

Experience different cultures! Meet new people. See those places that you only have heard about in history class. 

It will change your life.


Please I made you suffer through my pictures so if you have any stories or vacation pictures please share!


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