I have never been on a date

No really, you read that right. I have never really dated.

In high school you did not date around. You kind of liked someone, and if they liked you back, you were boyfriend and girlfriend.

I guess the equivalent to dating in high school is something called “talking” (which is so odd to me).

So I went out with a few guys in high school, not too many, and always went back to one in particular.

So I never dated in high school.

I went out with people. I was a girlfriend of a few people, but never “dated around”


Then I went a summer vacation before I went away to college, and met M, my future husband. We never really dated either, we just were together, and then we were married.

And then we were divorced,

And then I was just together with my current boyfriend G

Just together, not really ever ‘dating’

At first, I was not sure what to think about this …

Like wow, really, I must be missing out on this experience. 

But really? I mean, the idea of dating seems so..annoying to me. Like I have to go out and experience awful blind dates, and awkward first dates, and sign up for online dating when I can’t find anyone, and just EWWW


Like that just seems like a lot of work and not all that fun and something I am actually OK with not really having experienced.

I don’t want to be up reading articles and blogs about first sate tips. I don’t want to have to try to juggle multiple men and then trying to pick one to pursue.

Anyone else like me?


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