I’m 1/2 adopted

I’m not sure I have ever blogged about this, and it is not something I bring up in normal conversation, but I am half adopted.

I know you are all thinking what the heck does that mean.

Well it means that I have a biological father, who helped create me, and then I have a man who raised me and who I consider my father, who biologically is not related to me.

My mom and dad got married when I was around three and around that time my birth father signed over his parental rights to me and my father legally adopted me.

That’s right folks. I am half adopted.


I met my birth father and started to have a relationship with him when I was 13. I am not sure why I wanted to meet him. Curiosity more than anything I am sure. I mean you hear you have someone who is your “real” dad, you want to see them and talk to them and ask them questions.

My situation was a little different because I did have a dad at home.

Another bonus was I had a half brother and sister to meet and other family members!!

It was an interesting journey to say the least.

So, here are some family pictures and some background.


My mom and my dad have three kids. There is me, the eldest at 22 (on March 3rd) and then there is Erin, my sister, who will be 20 this year and last but not least we have Ben, my brother, who will be 16 this year! I was raised with these two knuckleheads and while I guess biologically they are my half siblings, I have never once thought of them as anything less than my brother and sister. They mean everything to me. Here are some pictures of the fam!



Look at those sweet faces. This was on the way to their prom, me in the backseat obviously. Don’t worry, they were not going together. We’re not that family













In a couple pictures you can see my dad. He is the best and if my mom had not met him my life would be so incredibly different than it turned out to be, and what a gift he gave me.

I have always taken for granted the fact that he has never treated me as anything other than 100% his. He walked me down the aisle and cried as we dance as father and daughter. He was there for every sick day and he taught me to ride my bike. He even somehow survived my teenage years where I was a royal bitch to him, convinced he loved Ben and Erin more because they were actually his.

I was stupid. So stupid.

Today we are as close as ever, and so alike, it’s insane. We drive my mom crazy together, and now I can see him as the man he really is which is a man who took me as in as his own and loved me unconditionally.

A man who is honest and funny and caring.

My dad.

My birth father and I still talk to this day (I just texted him in fact), and see each other every now and then

Here is him and I last year on my birthday. We don’t look alike at allllllll…. 😉


As you can see, we look a bit alike! HAHA

Anyway, he blessed me with two more siblings that I adore, a Brother Bobby who will be 20 this year and a sister Caitlynn who will be 18 this year!!

I met them for the first time when I was 15 I believe, here is a picture from when we first met


Don’t I look tiny??

Anyway we met and it’s been about seven years now since we first met and it has been quite the journey.







I did not get to grow up with these two but we still are close and I love them as much as Ben and Erin.

So if you ever meet me and you ask me how many brothers and sisters I have, I will tell you four. Two sisters and two brothers.

I also have met an amazing aunt through this whole experience

My aunt Kelly. Love her




Is she not gorgeous??? Love her!

She lives in the Windy City and has become such a huge female role model in my life. She is such a great friend, aunt, woman, everything.

I have quite the blended family and I would not have it any other way. I had both my sisters in my wedding and both my brothers as ushers.

I have seen them all grow and change and it has been such a blessing.

I would not have it any other way.

I have that many more people in my life to love and cherish!

Just sharing a little bit of my life with you all 🙂


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