I just cried over a commercial

Does anyone else find themselves sitting in front of the T.V., having a perfectly lovely day when all of a sudden it happens. Out of nowhere. You find a trigger.

Maybe it is a dog reuniting with its owner after being lost for days, or maybe it is a father crying after giving his daughter away, or maybe it is a group of women, donned in pink, walking for breast cancer.

Regardless of your trigger (because I have cried at some weird ass shit before, no judgment here) it happens.

You break.

You just start crying, and crying and crying.

I mean what is up with that? Unbalanced hormones? Repressed emotions finally toppling over? Just the burden of being a creature with an overload of emotions? Having a uterus?

and THEN, after I am crying I start thinking about other shit that makes me sad just so I can cry more…

I mean WHAT IS THAT???

Maybe I am the only one who does that. Maybe I am strange and you are thinking “why am I reading this blog? This girl is nuts”

But maybe, hopefully, for my sanity, some of you are saying, nay, screaming “YES, ME TOO, ME TOO”

I mean I will watch a commercial about a family, start missing my family, because I haven’t seen them in a week, and just start bawling. I mean hardcore, runny nose, Oprah ugly crying..


I will go on Youtube and watch wedding proposals, and daddy daughter dances, and military reunions (these are my triggers people) just to cry some more. Then I start think way out side the box. I mean weird shit people. Like how one day everyone I know will be gone, how I will be gone, how my childhood is over, and that one pet that died too early. I mean ANYTHING that will make me cry and cry and cry, and drain myself..






Ok now maybe I am a weirdo and I’ve lost you but people this is just WHO I AM. I cry and I cry a lot. I cry at movies. Sad ending? I’m leaving with tears.

Another thing, I don’t have a good crying face. I go full blown Kim Kardashian, which is unfortunate because like I said, I cry, a lot. Maybe it would not be so bad if I had one of those pretty crying faces where tears gently stream down my cheeks and my face does not scrunch up, but alas, I was just not blessed that way.

Does anyone else cry at everything? Does anyone else have a ugly crying face? Anyone?


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