When Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend

I have never thought of myself as a traditional type of girl. I mean, I like girly things. I like dresses and getting my hair done and getting my nails done, and all those feminine thrills, but when it comes to certain things, I am a bit …off…

I was married at 19, divorced at 21. I am dating someone who is significantly older than me. I have sold cars, worked in the food industry, and sold lotions at bath and body works. I am in school but wish I wasn’t.

I mean people my age have not really done all those before mentioned things. But something else I have been thinking about and it was brought up by my bestest friend Megan.

She said “If you got engaged would you even want a diamond ring? You seem like you would want something else?”

For reference, here was a picture of my first engagement ring:



It was not this exact ring, but you get the gist. It was gorgeous. Mine was actually a stay sapphire, so when the light hit it a star like shape appeared on the stone. It was very cool.

Now I remember being on my honeymoon and a women in front of us struck up conversation and it came up that we had just been married the day before and she asked me to see my ring. I proudly showed my hand and she said “oh, well, you know that’s ok, that is a great starter ring! Wait till you’ve been married ten years and you’ll get something like this”, and then held up her hand and showed off her huge rock.

I mean I was flabbergasted….REALLY?

What is with this all this judgment on how big the ring is? It has become some sort of measurement of love.

Smaller the ring, less suitable he is, and more judgment you get…Where the fuck does that come from?


If diamonds are your thing, then I get it.

But why are diamonds your thing?

Probably because you’ve heard things like “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” your whole life and seen TV shows where the husbands fucks up and bring home a diamond bracelet, or you have see celebrities with MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars mind you giving their soon to be ex-wives a huge rock.

So, personally, I could care less. When I get married I may skip the whole engagement ring thing all together.

But I wanted to show you some cool alternatives if you are looking to stop out of the box and go against the norm


First of all go to this website right now and look at all the rings on the page. Are they not all STUNNING??? And oh what do you know…Not a single diamond



Why not an opal engagement ring?






Or vintage, or sapphire.

I mean the possibilities are endless ladies!

Now, if you want a big ol’ rock on your finger, go for it. What that justifies for you, I’m not sure.


One comment

  1. Jessye C. · March 1, 2014

    Just had a conversation similar to this with my friends and roommate last night. I would prefer a ring with character. Loved it.

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