Oscars 2014

So, who turned in Sunday to watch the Oscars?

Once I heard that this beautiful amazing woman was hosting, I knew I was going to watch the whole damn show.


Because, Ellen.

First and foremost can I just say that I saw the movie and Gravity, and while the graphics BLEW ME AWAY (I mean, I felt like a full blown Neil Armstrong up there) the acting and storyline I found to be incredibly underwhelming. I am a Sandy fan. I love her. And for having to act like she was a damsel in distress in space for three fucking hours, she was impressive, but I mean, barely impressive..

So in my opinion should gravity have won all the Oscars it received? I am going to have to go with…NO (thank God it did not win best picture or I would have killed the family cat and binged on cookies)

So if you have not seen all the articles or late night jokes about the Oscars, basically admitting you live under a rock, in which you probably can’t read this anyway…let me fill you in on what happened.


Let me start off my saying Ellen should host the Oscars EVERY DAMN YEAR

She is flawless. Likeable. Funny. She can get away with making fun of people without coming off offensive.

So a big talked about moment was when John Travolta announced Idina Menzel’s performance…”Uh-deen-a Men-zelle” became “the wickedly talented” “Adele Dazeem.” I mean…just, not even close. At all. At all. Poor guy. Total word vomit everywhere. And will be brought up when you hear his name for sure. “I pulled a Travolta”


Next, pizza. I mean again, hands off to Ellen who know that dressing up and looking glamorous is hard work and those celebrities must have been STARVING. She orders pizza. A real life pizza guy delivers pizza to the Oscars. Brad Pitt was handing out paper plates. Did you hear me? BRAD PITT WAS HANDING OUT PAPER PLATES!!! Any everyone ate pizza and it was glorious!

And can we all take a moment to mourn for another Oscar that Leo did not win….( I am VERY happy Matthew took home the gold for his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club though..)


Poor Leo, good thing you are still a huge movie star and have millions of dollars

Now, there was also a matter of a certain selfie.

Ellen literally broke Twitter..

She broke it..

With this picture



She broke the record for the most retweets, getting over 2 MILLION!

I re tweeted it immediately because it may just be the coolest picture known to man.


I loved the way the Oscars focused on heros in film this year, and that we got to see live performances of all the songs that were up for an award. It was very cool.

You know what else I loved?

Not a single speech was cut off.

Want to see THE best speech (made me cry) -not the best quality video but it is the entire speech

Oh and Bette Midler Performs “Wind Beneath My Wings” After the In Memoriam Tribute

And Jennifer Lawrence fell again…


it just does not get any better than that folks.

Great job Ellen, cannot wait until next year!







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