School sucks.



I recently came across this picture on my Twitter

 (Which is browneyedgirl33, for those that want to follow)

And it just had me nodding my head and saying “YES!!!”

This is why I do not like school. This is why I dread coming here.

I don’t learn anything that is going to help me. That stopped after Elementary school when I learned to read and write.

I have to show up, do well enough to get a C in the class (because, you know, C’s get degrees) and that’s it.

Where is the passion for learning? Where are the skills and lessons I need for real life?

I doubt being able to find the slope of a formula is going to get me anywhere in life.

I once had to Google how to write a check.

 Teach me how to balance a checkbook, and to budget, and to apply for a loan, and how to build credit.


Or make school more about learning and not just passing state tests and getting your numbers up.

Teaching should not be a profession looked down upon and kids should not be dreading to go to school.

It should not be a waste of time.

The education system sucks.

Just saying.





One comment

  1. Megan Klir · March 21, 2014

    I can completely agree with what you are saying.

    Learning things is something that you need to do.

    But some people mix up what school is for. Most think of it as a stepping stone, which it is, but for the wrong reason.

    It teaches us to think multiple ways and use as much of our brains as possible. Learning the new material allows us to gain some knowledge of what’s outside in the real world.

    True, I’m only in High School. True, I’m only just a child. But, school lets you get ready to learn things on your own and not to have a helping hand (school).

    You can think about how they should have taught you that, but school is only suppost to prepare you for your job, career, or what-ever-you-want-to-call-it.

    I do wish they taught most of that, being who I am. But over time, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

    Have faith in your ability to do things on your own, because the only thing you’ll have is the experience you’ll gain. No helping hand. No kind words.

    Be positive. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.

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