Where art thou Summer?



Oh summer, how I miss you.

How I yearn for your hot breath, burning my skin, and turning me red, much like the boiled lobsters we devour.

They all say you are to return, but I am doubtful. 

Winter’s wrath has all but depleted my hope to ever see you again. 

The world is weeping now, day in and day out. 

I’ve heard that these showers bring flowers in the month of May, but all they seem to bring me is a overwhelming feeling of dread and disappointment. 


Ok but really ya’ll where is the sun?

I live in the Midwest, right near the Windy City. 

I find myself freezing and wet. It is cold. It is rainy. 




I have forgotten what it feels like to have the sun shining on my skin.

A bikini? The beach? What are these things you speak of? (things that remind me I need to get my butt in the gym, that’s what)

My mom said “It will get hot and then you will be complaining about how hot it is”

To which I replied “YES! Yes I will! I CANNOT wait until I am complaining about how hot it is outside”


We have had the worst weather this year. This winter has been so depressing. So isolating.

I hate winter.

What can you do in the winter? Let’s stay inside and do nothing and freeze. That’s what.

I want camping. I want the beach. I want a sunburn. I want eating outside, cooking on the grill. I want it all.

It’s April.

April 8th to be exact.


Overcast and cold. With a chance of rain?

Doesn’t that just make you want to crawl under your blankets and never come out?

That has been my whole life for the past FIVE MONTHS.


Shoveling snow (or, you know, feeling bad that my boyfriend has to shovel all that snow…), scraping ice off my car, operating in below freezing temperatures, icy roads, people forgetting how to drive the minute they see a snowflake…

This has been my reality. What I wake up to every day. 

It’s exhausting to stay cheery. 

I am tired, like all the time.

And yes, you see those people that are in shorts and a tank top when it hits 60 degrees, and you laugh but believe you me, when you have been living in this hell of 30 degree weather day in and day out you feel like diving in a pool when 60 degrees hits your face in the morning. So stop with the judgement. 

Do I not live in a region that is supposed to have seasons? Right? FOUR SEASONS? 

Apparently this year Mother Nature is slacking and forgot spring…

I mean she’s probably really busy. I get it


Should I start a petition?

Would you sign?




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