I want to know who took the first ‘selfie’

Who started this movement

*pauses to google*


Who the fuck is Robert Cornelius? Well I will tell you, again, thanks Google; he was a photographer in the 1800s!


There it is in all it’s glory

#ancient #nofilter #latenight #selfie



No but really here is a modern day example of a ‘selfie’ (by the way my computer keeps trying to fix the word selfie, as if it’s not real….Keep up with the times computer)



“Can you guys help me pick a filter?
I don’t know if I should go with XX Pro or Valencia
I wanna look tanned
What should my caption be?
I want it to be clever
How about “Livin’ with my bitches, Hashtag LIVE”
I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes
Do you think I should take it down?

Prime example of a seflie, taken by me. I take a lot of effing selfies. I will take twenty pictures at a time, to keep one. A selfie Session.
DIfferent angles, and lighting, and poses and faces.
I am not going to even say ‘I know you all do it to!”
Because I do know.
 As in know, 100%. It happens.
Guys, girls, and adorable babies…
Sorry but he is the cutest.
Anyway, this love of taking pictures of ourselves has apparently earned us the title of the ‘self-OBSESSED generation’
I wish I could stomp my feet and scream and protest and argue that, but I can’t really.
I mean we made taking pictures of our self a ‘thing’
Now I will say this title does not bug me much. I mean seflies are cool right?
The selfie heard round the world
I mean Ellen broken the internet with this selfie people. Powerful
And of course the presidential selfie
I mean…..
So I am really ok that I am part of the generation that got ‘selfie’ added to the Oxford dictionary as word of the year 🙂
You’re welcome America
BUT There is a serious issue that comes with so much self love though, which is I think some of us, young girls in particular,  are staring to base our self love on how many likes we get on a picture. 
I mean you can actually buy likes for Instagram. Which is real fucking weird.
Weirds me out big time.
It is a social media website….Why do we care?
That’s what I don’t get, well I don’t like.
I mean when I make a Vine or post a picture that gets a lot of likes, It makes me feel good.
I mean I am somewhat aware of how pathetic that is and try to not really pay too much attention to it but that’s because I have seen the other side.
I lived in a world before Selfies and Instagram and twitter and Facebook.
But lots of little girls and boys haven’t and that scares me a little.
They are growing up in a world where things like the “Selfie Olympics” is the norm
(I mean come on!)
So I will say this, girls, your worth is not measure by how many likes you get on a picture. And you are beautiful. Do not let how many fake friends you have on an account influence how you feel about yourself.
IS this our future?
Ok well hopefully not but …Hold on
Let me take a selfie




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  2. Eli Pacheco · May 22, 2014

    1. As a 42-year-old man, not ever named Sexiest Man Alive or Leader of the Free World, I just can’t bring myself to pull the trigger on a selfie. My kids, on the other hand …

    2. That tooth-brushing selfie ought to go in the Library of Congress. Or at least get thumbs up or favorites somehow, somewhere.

    3. You’re right, about pinning self-worth to selfies. Especially young girls. I love the selfie as a symbol of expression; I detest it as an offering to the opinions of anonymous strangers to gauge a young girl’s beauty. That’s for her, solely.

    p.s. I have a baby selfie contest going on at my site right now. Entry must be by midnight tonight. Just sayin’.

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