How to nap without feeling guilty.

It is finally here ya’ll

(side note: I have no idea why I say ya’ll. I don’t even ever say it, it’s only in blog form that it creeps out of me..I must just be a southern bell wannabe)

That’s right, SUMMER IS HERE.


Well, basically, it’s close enough where I am finally packing up my winter clothes and breaking out the shorts and flip flops full time

Of course in the back of my mind is the fact that Christmas is only five months away…..(are you all shaking your fists at me now?)

With summer comes a lot of free time. I don’t work and my only project this summer is a summer drama camp that I am helping run I , which has been so rewarding and amazing, and nice because it only meets a few times a week!

Any who, I have a lot more free time during the summer which is nice and I try to keep as busy I can.

But I also love to have a day where I do nothing. I lay in bed and binge watch a TV show (currently Pretty Little Liars season 4, thank you Netflix) or a movie, I play on the computer, or read. I love these days.

They are the best medicine when I have been nothing but go go go.

On these lazy days I like to nap.


I am actually one of those co-dependent people who can’t really sleep without their significant other (is that cute or pathetic? your answer probably depends if you are in love right now or not…)

But whenever I can, I nap.

But I sometimes wake up from a nap with a feeling of guilt.

Like, you know, Wow I just wasted two hours of life that could have been spend doing something but instead I slept.

Anyone else like that?

I have to remind myself that sleep is a necessity. Absolutely.

Crucial to your health and the body needs rest.

I have to forgive myself for taking a break.

Even God himself rested on the seventh day, you know what I’m saying?

It’s ok to take time to yourself. It’s even ok to cancel plans if needed (I had to do that recently and was riddled with guilt).

No guilt is necessary.

Your mental and physical health come first.

So when you need it. Take that nap. Take that day off. Have a day for yourself.

Go ahead, relax, you deserve it!

And I will try to blog more! It’s been too long since I have interacted with you all your lovely readers.



  1. sncueto · June 20, 2014

    Naps are the best! Great piece, self care is so important!

    • justemily3 · June 20, 2014

      Absolutely! A good investment in your future! Thanks for reading!! 😃

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