OMG I’m so fat

It’s that time again ladies and gents : ANOTHER GUEST BLOG

I love love love when people are willing to write articles for my blog! I adore others’ opinions and ideas about things!

This post as written by Katie! She is a fabulous young lady who is an amazing hair stylist!! She wrote an awesome piece about self love!




“OH my GOD. I’m SO fat.” 

Now, I can not tell you how many times I’ve heard this in the girl’s bathroom, department store fitting rooms, the beach, etc. 
But I also would not be able to count how many times I have said or thought this of my own self. 
I couldn’t tell you what had brought this ‘body image’ stuff to my attention, but as soon as it began, it quickly became an obsession- and here’s what I mean.
I remember sitting in my desk and staring at other girl’s side profiles and thinking “wow, her stomach is so flat. I wish MINE could look like that” or “She has rolls, and she’s wearing a tight shirt?! How brave!” I would just silently compare and contrast other girls with myself and against each other.
It would consume my thoughts so much, I simply couldn’t focus. 
You know that saying? “For every finger you point, there are ten pointing back at you.”
I felt very self conscious constantly.
I would walk down the halls with books covering my stomach.
I would sit in my desk quickly and neatly, folding my arms over my chest.
And I never, EVER forgot to bring a sweatshirt to class.
If my mom bought me a new trendy top?
Forget it.
I didn’t want any attention drawn to me.
And then I got to high school, where I finally used that phrase- “Oh my GOD, I’m SO fat.”
This phrase is addicting, people.
Now see, I always thought this was used for attention.
Because tons of girls who range from skinny to average size say it constantly, in hopes of getting the oh-so-popular responses of “shut up! you look great!” or “girlllllll, you are so skinny!”
It becomes addicting.
Who doesn’t CRAVE the positive reassurance from their best girl friends, peers, or dare we say it…. even GUYS that they are, in fact, sooooo skinny? 
But then, I thought about my days of silently comparing myself to all the girls side profiles in class.
None of them noticed I was doing it.
This is where it clicked for me.
Every single “OH my GOD. I’m SO fat!” that came out of my mouth was not for attention. It was a defensive statement that I used to let people know that I noticed my flaws.
If I point out my flaws first, that means I won.
I pointed them out before you noticed. And if you did notice, at least you know I’m not unaware. 
Sick, right? 
My point is, calling yourself fat? Sure, you will get a few reassuring comments, and yes, you will be letting the world know that you are aware of your flaws.
But really, don’t you get tired of standing next to fellow females in the restroom comparing thigh fat and obsessing over belly jiggle?
It’s just not worth it. 
Calling yourself fat does not keep you humble.
It does not make you a saint for not acting “proud.” 
It’s degrading. 
“For every finger you point, there are ten pointing back at you.”
Use this saying for the good of you and your friends’ mental-health and well being.
Think instead about how nice his haircut looks, how cute her dress is, how your sisters new shoes are to DIE for, or how pretty your friend’s hair is; and I guarantee by putting this positive energy out there, people will start to appreciate you and see you in a positive light. 
Smile at people, they will smile back at you. 
Compliment that quiet girl in class. Your soul will be uplifted.
Have a great night with your friends. Whether you dress up and go out or dress down and stay in – if you’re laughing uncontrollably with the people who love you, you will feel beautiful. 
So get away from the mirrors, stop comparing yourself to other people, and get out of your element. 
Bashing yourself is exhausting. But eating a cookie or two sure isn’t.
Wow, thank you so much Katie for that awesome post! I am HUGE advocate for self love! Each and every one of us are beautiful and unique in our own way! We all are totally bombarded (especially as women) by this warped idea of beauty that we are all supposed to try to attain (an for most of us it is impossible people…). We need to make a change. We need to stop self shaming and stop picking and prodding at ourselves in the mirror. The MOST important thing is that we are healthy. You can be healthy and wearing a size 12, just so you know. Love your self and that energy will be contagious. No one else looks like you! (twins not included) So embrace yourself!
Thank you!

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