Girls, stop doing THIS in a relationship, please.


That’s right. How many of you do this?

Me me me me!

I’m sitting here raising my hand! Jumping up and down!


Why do we do this?

Men are not mind readers ladies and I know that it’s not fair that we read all these books and watch all these movies about these warped, unrealistic representations of relationships and we then expect our boyfriend or husband or whatever to perform big romantic gestures and are then left complaining to our girlfriends about how “unromantic” our significant other is. I get it.

But, I digress!

The point of this post is to say stop. Stop with the games. Stop with playing dumb to get attention and changing yourself for men.

Like that picture up there… Don’t do that.

If something is lacking in your relationship try having an actual conversation with your significant other.

Conversation, what like, say what I actually mean?…


Yes, you don’t need to be rescued. Save yourself

You don’t need to be the damsel in distress .

You don’t need to put on acts or play games to get some sort of response… I mean…. What is that???

Live in the present.

Have a problem in the relationship? Talk about it!!

And please please please do not bitch and moan to your friends about how you didn’t get a viral YouTube video worthy proposal.


No, it’s just become this weird trend. Chill.

What happened to focusing on the ENGAGEMENT instead of the proposal??…

You wonder why the divorce rate is 50%


Take control. Be yourself. Stop playing games.



  1. Eli Pacheco · June 29, 2014

    Is there any way the link to this could be sent to every girl and woman age 12 to 92? (Because this mindset begins in middle school halls, and I’m pretty sure it’s still played in retirement homes). As a guy, I know we’re also prone to game playing. But also as a guy, it’s tough to know when a girl says she’s done to know if she’s really done, or if there’s some grand gesture she’s looking for. To wonder why there couldn’t be a conversation before you wake up and she’s checked out and already onto someone else. Could you have done something? It’s more likely that you can’t have those conversations and will never get those answers.

    I digress. You’ve said something brilliant here. Promise to keep preaching it?

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