Oh, BEE-have

So, my mom got a beehive.

BeeHive Home 04

As long as I can remember my mom has loved Bees.

Her children’s names are Ben, Emily and Erin.

Or, you know,


Which makes her Queen Bee, which she also loves. 

Anyway for the past year or so she has been going to Bee conferences and consulted a man we call the “Bee Guy”, all in preparation for her own hive in the backyard.

That’s right.

Her very own hive, in her backyard.

Where she lives.

And not for the reason you may think.

I’m not sure if she has any interest in collecting honey and selling it or any of that.

She simply wants to play a part in preserving the bee species.

Bees are important. Did you know that?


Here read this simplified version of why bees are crucial: BEES: For Kids

Get it? We need bees.

Which I am TOTALLY on board with. I get it.


But I went to my mother’s house today to do some laundry and saw this hive for the first time..

I mean Bees everywhere.


With cute, crucial ,planet saving STINGERS IN THEIR BUTTS. 

and not just one but an entire HIVE OF THEM

What if I  somehow, unknowingly ticked those bees off?..Hmm??

Stinging rampage!

Basically I am a big chicken when it comes to  anything insect so I may keep my distance.

They were harmless enough and didn’t mind me snapping a few pictures of their habitat.


Bless all of you who are out there fighting  for the bees. 

Keep Bee-ing your self 😉

(That made absolutely no sense to say at the end of this but I had to guys, but, I just had to)














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