The Dreaded Summer Cold

The sneezing.
The coughing.

Oh the coughing.

I am currently bed ridden with a summer cold


Summer is fading! I only have so many days before fall creeps up on me and I am stuck in bed coughing up a lung.

You know what is the worst thing about a cough is to me? It’s the taste. Right? Do you know at I’m talking about?

Thy awful, horrendous, flemmy, gross, rancid taste you cough up into your mouth every couple minutes.

I hate it.


I’m not sure how this cold transpired. I am a pretty open person with hugs and kisses and “here, take my drink”, and recent days of excessive drinking may have had my immune system down…… But any way, it is here and seems to be here to stay.

I’d appreciate some prayers and well wishes to get my health back to tip too shape!

I am sorry for my lack of posting this summer but I have been out living life and enjoying every day.

School starts soon and I’ll be back to posting more regularly, so stay tuned and thanks for reading 🙂


One comment

  1. chrisond · August 14, 2014

    Every summer I make a promise to myself to not get sick by isolating myself from humanity. No, but I can totally relate. It’s even worse in summer because your body is hot and so is the weather 😒

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