I feel like at some point in your lifetime you have that one dog that is THEdog.

The one who filled your heart in a way that is just a bit more special than any other animal before.

Two days ago I lost my dog.

She went suddenly and very unexpectedly and while I wasn’t there when it actually happened it shocked me to my core when I got the phone call.

She did not to deserve to die the way she did but it eases my heart a little to know the rest of my family was there when she did.

Shadow was a good dog. A lot of people say that but she was the true definition.

She protected us by barking at anyone who approached our house but was sweet as pie as soon as we welcomed you into our home.

She was a constant presence in our lives, living true to her name. At dinner she was always close by, at our feet, waiting for scraps. Which, by the way, she always got.

She was damn cute. She had these ears that would flop over and she would tilt her head and there was NO way you could look into those eyes and not give her the scraps.

I remember crying in my room after a boy broke my heart and shadow just laid on my bed and I swear she knew. She just let me cry and just tell her the whole story when I didn’t feel like talking to anyone else.

She was funny too. She used to do this thing where she would greet us at the door with a sock in her mouth! Always! We could come home and she would be a the front window with a single sock in her mouth. They were like her comfort item!

She loved the snow.

We got her when she was a puppy, just after winter had ended, so the first time she actually saw snow was when she was almost a year old.

It was beautiful. Her black fur clashing with the snow as she romped around and I’ll never forget her face covered in snow.

The last day I got to spend with Shadow, the day before she passed was normal. I let her outside a few times and watched her rummage through the yard. I noticed when she followed my sister and my friend and I wherever we went and laid down by us while we chatted.

I pet her and just everything was good. It was a nice day.

I’m glad I got to see her one last time the day after she passed and got to say my goodbyes.

She was the best dog I will probably ever have and I am ok with that because she would be pretty hard to beat.

I’m thankful for the 14 (almost 15) years I got to spend with her. I got to grow up with an awesome dog and she will always have a special place in my heart. Always.

I appreciate anyone who reads this. Shadow was good and kind and smart and I am so lucky to have called her mine.

Rest in peace Shadow and thank you, for everything .


SHADOW 2000-2014


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