It breaks my heart to be typing another one of these blog posts. When my mom told me the news all I could utter was


Which I still think was the only appropriate response.

Some of you may have read about my sweet dog Shadow. She died a few weeks ago when she was tragically hit by a car.

It was awful and horrific for everyone involved and so not the way she deserved to go.

 Read more about my sweet pup here:

Now, not even two months later we lost our sweet Walter.

I like to think that Shadow was too lonely without him.

Walter was attacked and killed, brutally by a pit bull that was brought over to stay (after he had got into a fight with a different cat, in which that cat beat the snot out of him)

Another horrific and tragic and awful death.

Another blow.

My heart aches for any pain they felt.

My heart aches for my mother who had to take care of both situations, and has to live with those images in her head.

My heart aches for my siblings who loved both pets ferociously.

Why something like this had to happen twice, so close together, I don’t know.

It’s hard to swallow.

Actually it’s hard not to be angry.

So unbelievably angry.

Here is my sweet little pain in the ass

10649614_321570128046588_7813702489509881501_n 10711087_10202972748908887_8836888357553265020_n 10606144_321569994713268_2509193826363743965_n

He was sweet a lot of the time and annoying too 🙂

He would meow incessantly, especially after Shadow died.

He would lay on the table in the sun

He would snuggle up to you if you had a warm laptop.

We actually lost him for a few days one winter and we found him outside in a tree!

He loved being outside without, laying on the patio.

He was quite the character and a loving sweet boy.

I miss him and Shadow everyday.



  1. plus+beauty27 · October 13, 2014

    I am so sorry for your losses. 😦

    • justemily3 · October 13, 2014

      Thank you so much! It’s been totally awful but everyone has been so loving and kind, and that’s been great to witness.

      • plus+beauty27 · October 13, 2014

        I am a cat parent myself and our animals are really a big part of our families. So losing our pets is the same as losing a family member. They are our family too. xo

  2. sncueto · October 14, 2014

    I am SO sorry for your loss. A couple of months ago we lost our family kitty as well, and it never an easy thing to have to go through. Sending lots of warm thoughts and prayers! xoxo

    • justemily3 · October 14, 2014

      Thank you so much 💕 I’m sorry for your loss as well ❤️

  3. Mom · October 20, 2014

    Oh, Sweet Pea. ❤ Today at work, I opened up my school Chromebook for the first time this year, and there was Walter. I had forgotten I made him my desktop photo. It's a picture of him curled up in a basket, and I got weepy in front of my students. He was a sweet, wonderful boy, and this blog post is a very sweet memorial.

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