come back here please and LET ME SMELL YOU

Ok I am a straight women, so I am going to be talking about guys here.

If you are anything else besides a straight woman, please fill in the blanks with whatever you desire.

Ready Set GO.

You are walking, could be anywhere, and it happens.

You are minding your own business and BAM


Some guy walks by and suddenly you need to grab hold of something near you to keep from falling over.

Cologne, body spray, whatever it is that makes men smell so delicious.

I mean. YUM

It makes you want to grab that guy by the shirt and just smell him.

Which, probably is not the wisest idea, or the best ice breaker, but you HAVE to fight the urge!

I love good smelling people.

Not just guys I guess, but with guys a good smelling cologne gives me the feelings’

I am not a good smelling person.

I am not a bad smelling person per-say but I am not one of those girls who just always smells good.

I have a friend, let’s call her Megan, because that’s her name

Megan’s hair always smells fucking amazing. Like I want to bury my nose in her hair and just


All the fucking time.

My hair never smells like that. Ever.

I shampoo. I condition.


I always walk out the door wearing perfume

No one ever comments “wow, who smells good?”

I don’t understand the tricks and magic.

I love smells though people.

I like how different people have their own special smell.

You ever walk in someone and say “Wow, this smells like Grandma”..


Or my mom always wears this certain perfume and whenever I smell it instantly makes me think of her!

I love senses, they are just the coolest.

So guys and gals, keep smelling good



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