Anyone else a Friends fan? Well you should be. There’s a great episode where chandler wants to quit the gym.



Up until a week or so ago, this was my mentality.

I’m good looking. I have a great personality. I don’t need a rock hard body or to mold myself to fit society’s idea of what beauty is..

But the fact is folks, I’m very unhealthy.

Am I overweight?

Sure, a little probably, but I can’t walk up a few flight of stairs without being out of breath.

I also have awful awful eating habits. I have a love for soda, and fried food.

I have been relying on my metabolism as much as I can and its time to change my lifestyle.

I’ve gone through periods of this before where I eat healthy and work out for a while but it never lasts.

Now I am in a new apartment, right across the street from my gym and its open 365, 24/7.

No more excuses.

No more, “oh it’s too cold out” “its too far away” “its too late”

I’m excited for this next chapter.

I worked out tonight. I didn’t too too much. I put in maybe 45 minutes.

I’m a little lost there. I’m not sure what all the machines do or how to use them or how I should even work out.

I’m also not used to asking for help. I don’t like it.

So that leaves me wandering through the gym like a lost little pudgy lamb, peeking at everyone else working out to see what they are doing

I took “before” pictures and cringed. I shouldn’t cringe. I should love myself at every stage BUT I’m excited to transform myself.

I will take my picture again in 8 weeks

That’s my goal.

My boyfriend has a company Christmas party that I plan to look stunning for.

The point of all this is to love yourself by being healthy


I’ve taken my health for granted for a long time. And I’m ready to put myself first and make my health a priority.

I also do things all at once.

So I also will be changing my diet. No more soda (gulp) basically just water.

Smaller portions and a more regular eating schedule!

So I plan to be sore, crabby, tired and hungry for a while.

I may try to give updates every week, if nothing else stay tuned to see my results in 8 weeks.

You will all hold me accountable by reading 🙂



  1. Eli Pacheco · October 25, 2014

    Is it bad that I thought of the possibilities of moving next door to a 24-hour, 365-day pizza parlor? I kept looking for your ‘before’ picture but can’t find it anywhere.

    • justemily3 · October 25, 2014

      I refuse to post the before until my after is complete! 🙂

      • Eli Pacheco · October 26, 2014

        Can’t wait to see it.

  2. ieatyoumama · October 27, 2014

    Fantastic. You’re gonna get me all inspired if you keep this up! (I kind of hate the gym but then I hate myself for not going!)

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