Ugly Babies

I am writing this post because my day started out horrible.


I am one day past due on my license plates, and I was planning on going today to renew them.

THIS MORNING at 3:32 AM, a lovely police officer wrote me a ticket.

So, today is going fantastically well.


Well that for some reason made me think of ugly babies.


Bear with me, it all ties together I promise

Ugly babies

Yes, they exist, they are real.

I’m not being cruel or mean or offensive, but there are babies in the world that are not very cute

I would NEVER tell you to your face that your baby was ugly…but  I would not be ashamed to think it..

Just like bad things happen in the world, like getting a parking ticket, you may give birth a less than cute baby

It’ ok, don’t panic

You’ll love it anyway

I read somewhere once that babies are meant to be cute so that when you are so dead tired after giving birth to one you still want to take care of it…


Anyway, the whole point to this is this

Ugly babies can grow up to be cute

Such as John Travolta.

Side Bar: If you do not find John Travolta in the following picture attractive, leave this blog, and never come back.


 Now, is he a totally ugly baby? But, but…kind of…I mean those eyes..

But he turned out to be a stud

So basically good things do happen

And even though I got a parking ticket this morning, it was only 50 bucks and life goes on.

Parking tickets are not the end of the world and ugly babies can grow up to be cute

Have a happy Wednesday everyone



  1. Eli Pacheco · January 12, 2015

    It goes both ways, you know. I was the cutest baby.

    (I bet your officer was an ugly baby that turned out to be an ugly grownup).

  2. daniellajoe · January 13, 2015

    That drawing 🙂 and Travolta was a cute baby too

    • justemily3 · January 13, 2015

      Yeah he wasnt too bad, it was hard finding pics of ugly babies lol

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