That one time when I shoved a guy

Life is made up of moments.

Moments that define us, moments we learn from, moments we cherish, and moments where we learn something new about ourselves.

I CANNOT believe I haven’t blogged about this moment that happened to me last year.

Ok ok so my brother and his girlfriend wanted to go downtown to see this band play at the House of Blues, and my brother invited me to come along (and when I say invite, I mean he needed someone to drive him…)

 I accepted because I am totally into going downtown and soaking up city life whenever I can (also my ticket was paid for).

So the four of us (My sister, my brother, brother’s girlfriend, and myself) braved the city traffic and made it safely to our destination.

We wait in line a long time. We sit though about TWENTY opening bands before the band we were actually there to see goes on stage….

Side Note: My sister and I were 19 and 21 at the time, and we were literally sitting on the countertop in the bathroom resting our feet (it was standing room only, and the only way you could sit is if you paid FIFTY BUCKS FOR A STOOL..) and trying to stay awake…(WE ARE SO LAME)

Anyway so because there were so many opening acts there was plenty of opportunity for people to get plenty intoxicated.

So we are dancing to the band and there is a wickedly drunk many behind us.

I mean drunk off his ass drunk.

I’m talking he can barely stand up.

Now, this man was shorter than me and I am only 5’4″

So, drunk, short, wobbly man.

A drunk, short wobbly man who thought it would be cute to try to dance on my little sister.

Now my sister, though younger than me, is a good five inches taller and than me and in pretty good physical shape. But when this little drunk man tried to dance on her, I shoved his little drunk ass to the ground.

No thinking.

Just shove

And down he went

I then continued to dance behind her to protect her from future harm and she kind of just said, ” Emily, really, I’m ok”

Later after things cooled down, I thought about what I did.

I shoved this man, to the ground

. I am lucky he wasn’t an aggressive drunk.

I am lucky he didn’t try to hit me back.

I am lucky I didn’t get into any kind of trouble for shoving him.

But thinking about that moment I realized I would try to kick anyone’s ass who was trying to endanger my sister. It wouldn’t matter how big the person was, or if I would get hurt in the process, I would destroy them to the best of my ability. I think it’s safe to say if the situation was dire enough I would actually kill someone if they were trying to harm my sister.

I wouldn’t kill anyone normally, hopefully I never have that moment.

It’s just interesting to think about the choices you make when there is no time to think. Anyone can be a good person when they have time to sit and think out their choices and then make a “good” one. But you truly show who you are in moments when you just act.

Anyone have any significant “moments” in their life? I’d love to hear.

Until next time ,




  1. Erin · January 19, 2015

    Haha!! I remember this. It’s funny though. I seem to remember trying to watch YOUR back and make sure you didn’t get lost in the crowd since you were so small compared to everybody. We’re both so protective of each other. XD That’s funny. Good times.

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