Hallmark Holiday

Here we go again, two days before Valentine’s Day.

I am just not a fan of Valentine’s Day.

I am not some bitter single women trying to make excuses for my misery by saying I don’t like Valentine’s Day,

I just don’t like it.

I love chocolate, and cards, and romantic gestures and of course I LOVE presents! But I hate that you feel forced into doing something on Valentine’s Day.

If my boyfriend randomly came home with flowers or a gift for me and said “I just wanted to show you how much I love you” and it was on a RANDOM day, that would mean so much more to me! One time he brought my home a Starbucks ice coffee and I teared up. Because, Starbucks.

But I promise you I will be running out tomorrow and buying my man a little something-something. I try to get him little things here and there throughout the year because I think that’s actually more romantic, but I will most likely be giving into peer pressure and buying him something tomorrow along with all the other last minute shoppers.

But if you are looking for something to get your man I do have a good idea!


I recently got to try REVEAL by Calvin Klein and holy moly is it amazing. I have really been wanting to get my boyfriend into wearing cologne, and this may be a winner. It has the coolest scent, almost woodsy. You can smell hints of ginger and it is incredibly clean and fresh smelling.

My favorite part though is how long it lasts! I sprayed a little on my wrist and I was smelling it hours later.

Right now the only place you can get this is at Macy’s, but if you are looking for a gift for him (but really for yourself because you will be smelling him constantly) I would stop on by and pick some up!!

I was given a sample to try by Influenster but my opinions are totally my own.

If you guys try it let me know what you think.

Also, does anyone else kind of not like Valentine’s Day??


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