Monster Emily

It has been another one of those days.

I think waking up before the sun rises just brings out a little monster Emily that takes over my brain and emotions and ruins my day (strangely enough, he mostly makes his appearance on Mondays).

NO really. I like to think he looks like this…

HELLO I am the Monday monster :)

HELLO I am the Monday monster 🙂

A cute little monster man that makes me want to attack people…..

1. This is such a pet peeve and I didn’t realize it was one until today.

It apparently REALLY bothers me when people walk up the wrong wide of the stairs. I go to a community college and I have to walk up 8 flights of stairs to get to my classes.  Doing this makes me angry already because I can’t breathe by the time I get to the top. But what really sets me off is when people are walking towards me when I am headed up……


It’s not that hard. It’s like driving on a road, stay on the right side…

And I tell ya’ll there was this girl today walking a mile a minute right in the middle of the stairs going the wrong way….

It took all I had not to yell at her.

There were quite a few ways I wanted to react..

Here was my immediate reaction

Here was my immediate reaction

AHHHHHHHHHH (monster Emily)




Do you see what you are doing? Do you think you own this staircase, because I would like to see some documentation.


Maybe you are sick, in the mind maybe. I would understand then sure.


Basically you are fucking rude and don’t give a shit about anyone around you but that’s fine.


I always try to be the better person

and maybe this dumb girl was actually raised in a barn

and did not know that it is proper to walk on the right hand side when you used the stairs…

So I just bit my tongue trying to contain my little monster and went along my day.

Luckily my last class was cancelled so that helped my day a little bit.

I have only found one thing to tame the monster so far..



He  usually saves the day ❤



  1. teachtheplanet · February 16, 2015

    He is the BEST.

  2. teachtheplanet · February 16, 2015

    And those .gifs made me lol.

    So, thanks for that. 😆

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