You Had Me at Donuts

I have to share this story with ya’ll.

I was in a crabby mood the other day.

One of those where it did not matter WHAT you said I was determined to be pissed off about it


So my boyfriend left to run some errands and while he was out I knew he was going to this AMAZING grocery store to pick up some asparagus and before he left he asked me if I wanted anything.

I of course said no, because in that moment I wanted NOTHING, because I am dramatic.

So he left and about five minutes later my mind was consumed with the thought of donuts…

This particular grocery store has THE most amazing bakery!


But I am a stubborn old mule and decided to not text my boyfriend to pick me up donuts.

Then when he came home I casually slipped into conversation “I wish you had picked up some donuts…”

And he, understandably exasperated, replied ” well I asked you if you wanted anything before I left why didn’t you say anything???”

And I said “well I didn’t want them until after you left…”

And he asked “Well why didn’t you text me after I left?..”

And I replied with the frustrating, “Well sometimes I want you to just know what I want without me having to tell you, I want you to read my mind”..

Isn’t this true ladies???

Wouldn’t the world be so much better if men could just know what we want as we want it???

So I laugh it off (sarcastically because, mood) and I sit down to eat dinner that my boyfriend made me

( I was a joy to be living with that day)..

And after he cleared my plate and did the dishes…(again, I’m soo sorry baby )

he opened the cabinet where he then proceeded to pull out ….



I mean…


I am one lucky lady.

You had me at donuts ā¤


One comment

  1. sncueto · May 15, 2015

    OMG donuts šŸ™‚ Where can I find a guy like yours??

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