You Had Me at Donuts

I have to share this story with ya’ll.

I was in a crabby mood the other day.

One of those where it did not matter WHAT you said I was determined to be pissed off about it


So my boyfriend left to run some errands and while he was out I knew he was going to this AMAZING grocery store to pick up some asparagus and before he left he asked me if I wanted anything.

I of course said no, because in that moment I wanted NOTHING, because I am dramatic.

So he left and about five minutes later my mind was consumed with the thought of donuts…

This particular grocery store has THE most amazing bakery!


But I am a stubborn old mule and decided to not text my boyfriend to pick me up donuts.

Then when he came home I casually slipped into conversation “I wish you had picked up some donuts…”

And he, understandably exasperated, replied ” well I asked you if you wanted anything before I left why didn’t you say anything???”

And I said “well I didn’t want them until after you left…”

And he asked “Well why didn’t you text me after I left?..”

And I replied with the frustrating, “Well sometimes I want you to just know what I want without me having to tell you, I want you to read my mind”..

Isn’t this true ladies???

Wouldn’t the world be so much better if men could just know what we want as we want it???

So I laugh it off (sarcastically because, mood) and I sit down to eat dinner that my boyfriend made me

( I was a joy to be living with that day)..

And after he cleared my plate and did the dishes…(again, I’m soo sorry baby )

he opened the cabinet where he then proceeded to pull out ….



I mean…


I am one lucky lady.

You had me at donuts ❤


Hello Product Review

So sorry that my first post in a million years is going to be a product review but I am really excited to tell you guys about this!

I am a part of Influenster. Ever heard of it? Well jump on this band wagon folks. It is the bomb dot com. Basically you sign up, and it’s totally free, and you take surveys and they send you things to review, and then you review them. You get free stuff, and you get to judge things…basically a dream come true

I was lucky enough to be chosen to sample some awesome, natural oral care products. I am in love. They have the coolest flavors without all the bad stuff in it for you!


I mean check it out! I am so excited to try everything! I will say I tried the breath spray and it was amazing! usually I don’t like breath sprays because they can be really overpowering, but this left my mouth feeling clean and fresh and the packaging it to die for!

I would recommend this stuff!



And I promise more blogs are to come guys.

Monster Emily

It has been another one of those days.

I think waking up before the sun rises just brings out a little monster Emily that takes over my brain and emotions and ruins my day (strangely enough, he mostly makes his appearance on Mondays).

NO really. I like to think he looks like this…

HELLO I am the Monday monster :)

HELLO I am the Monday monster 🙂

A cute little monster man that makes me want to attack people…..

1. This is such a pet peeve and I didn’t realize it was one until today.

It apparently REALLY bothers me when people walk up the wrong wide of the stairs. I go to a community college and I have to walk up 8 flights of stairs to get to my classes.  Doing this makes me angry already because I can’t breathe by the time I get to the top. But what really sets me off is when people are walking towards me when I am headed up……


It’s not that hard. It’s like driving on a road, stay on the right side…

And I tell ya’ll there was this girl today walking a mile a minute right in the middle of the stairs going the wrong way….

It took all I had not to yell at her.

There were quite a few ways I wanted to react..

Here was my immediate reaction

Here was my immediate reaction

AHHHHHHHHHH (monster Emily)




Do you see what you are doing? Do you think you own this staircase, because I would like to see some documentation.


Maybe you are sick, in the mind maybe. I would understand then sure.


Basically you are fucking rude and don’t give a shit about anyone around you but that’s fine.


I always try to be the better person

and maybe this dumb girl was actually raised in a barn

and did not know that it is proper to walk on the right hand side when you used the stairs…

So I just bit my tongue trying to contain my little monster and went along my day.

Luckily my last class was cancelled so that helped my day a little bit.

I have only found one thing to tame the monster so far..



He  usually saves the day ❤

Hallmark Holiday

Here we go again, two days before Valentine’s Day.

I am just not a fan of Valentine’s Day.

I am not some bitter single women trying to make excuses for my misery by saying I don’t like Valentine’s Day,

I just don’t like it.

I love chocolate, and cards, and romantic gestures and of course I LOVE presents! But I hate that you feel forced into doing something on Valentine’s Day.

If my boyfriend randomly came home with flowers or a gift for me and said “I just wanted to show you how much I love you” and it was on a RANDOM day, that would mean so much more to me! One time he brought my home a Starbucks ice coffee and I teared up. Because, Starbucks.

But I promise you I will be running out tomorrow and buying my man a little something-something. I try to get him little things here and there throughout the year because I think that’s actually more romantic, but I will most likely be giving into peer pressure and buying him something tomorrow along with all the other last minute shoppers.

But if you are looking for something to get your man I do have a good idea!


I recently got to try REVEAL by Calvin Klein and holy moly is it amazing. I have really been wanting to get my boyfriend into wearing cologne, and this may be a winner. It has the coolest scent, almost woodsy. You can smell hints of ginger and it is incredibly clean and fresh smelling.

My favorite part though is how long it lasts! I sprayed a little on my wrist and I was smelling it hours later.

Right now the only place you can get this is at Macy’s, but if you are looking for a gift for him (but really for yourself because you will be smelling him constantly) I would stop on by and pick some up!!

I was given a sample to try by Influenster but my opinions are totally my own.

If you guys try it let me know what you think.

Also, does anyone else kind of not like Valentine’s Day??

That one time when I shoved a guy

Life is made up of moments.

Moments that define us, moments we learn from, moments we cherish, and moments where we learn something new about ourselves.

I CANNOT believe I haven’t blogged about this moment that happened to me last year.

Ok ok so my brother and his girlfriend wanted to go downtown to see this band play at the House of Blues, and my brother invited me to come along (and when I say invite, I mean he needed someone to drive him…)

 I accepted because I am totally into going downtown and soaking up city life whenever I can (also my ticket was paid for).

So the four of us (My sister, my brother, brother’s girlfriend, and myself) braved the city traffic and made it safely to our destination.

We wait in line a long time. We sit though about TWENTY opening bands before the band we were actually there to see goes on stage….

Side Note: My sister and I were 19 and 21 at the time, and we were literally sitting on the countertop in the bathroom resting our feet (it was standing room only, and the only way you could sit is if you paid FIFTY BUCKS FOR A STOOL..) and trying to stay awake…(WE ARE SO LAME)

Anyway so because there were so many opening acts there was plenty of opportunity for people to get plenty intoxicated.

So we are dancing to the band and there is a wickedly drunk many behind us.

I mean drunk off his ass drunk.

I’m talking he can barely stand up.

Now, this man was shorter than me and I am only 5’4″

So, drunk, short, wobbly man.

A drunk, short wobbly man who thought it would be cute to try to dance on my little sister.

Now my sister, though younger than me, is a good five inches taller and than me and in pretty good physical shape. But when this little drunk man tried to dance on her, I shoved his little drunk ass to the ground.

No thinking.

Just shove

And down he went

I then continued to dance behind her to protect her from future harm and she kind of just said, ” Emily, really, I’m ok”

Later after things cooled down, I thought about what I did.

I shoved this man, to the ground

. I am lucky he wasn’t an aggressive drunk.

I am lucky he didn’t try to hit me back.

I am lucky I didn’t get into any kind of trouble for shoving him.

But thinking about that moment I realized I would try to kick anyone’s ass who was trying to endanger my sister. It wouldn’t matter how big the person was, or if I would get hurt in the process, I would destroy them to the best of my ability. I think it’s safe to say if the situation was dire enough I would actually kill someone if they were trying to harm my sister.

I wouldn’t kill anyone normally, hopefully I never have that moment.

It’s just interesting to think about the choices you make when there is no time to think. Anyone can be a good person when they have time to sit and think out their choices and then make a “good” one. But you truly show who you are in moments when you just act.

Anyone have any significant “moments” in their life? I’d love to hear.

Until next time ,



Well let’s see I am only…13 days late with this post.

I wrote off making resolutions for New Years a while ago. I didn’t see the point. It became not “how can I better myself this year or what can I accomplish?” but  “Let’s see how long this lasts”.

But this year is different.

Love has a funny way of making you see the world in a whole new light I think.

Everything seems possible and doable and you want to better yourself and better the world.

Well maybe that’s just me.

So this year I have decided to really throw myself all into life, no matter what I am doing.

So not only did I make ten, yeah, that’s right, TEN resolutions. I am putting them on the interwebs so as to make myself more accountable (ok so I highly doubt anyone of my lovely readers will email me saying, “Emily, I have a feeling you didn’t go to the gym today”, BUT it still counts for something).

Ok here we go.

1. Blog more.

I really fell off the wagon guys, and for that I am sorry. I love writing, and my blog is such an awesome way for me to express myself and share bits and pieces of myself, and to anyone who takes the time to ready any of it, thank you. So this resolution is off to a positive start…

2. Give school more effort

I basically put in just enough effort to get by, but this year I’d like to try to get something out of school and make it less about passing and more about learning. I am still in my first week of the semester so we will see how far this optimism actually takes me.

3. Say “I love you” more

I am one of those romantic, gushy, gross, weirdo types. I say “I love you” A LOT already. 20 times a day maybe. Maybe more. If there is a brief moment of silence between G and I, I am always spewing out an “I Love you”. But life is short and I want to make sure it’s something I am feeling and saying everyday.

4. Be Happy

I need to be happier. I need to explore religion more. I need to eat better. I need to stop caring so much what others’ think. Just overall, be happy.

5. Take care of my body

I need to eat better, I need to be more routine. I need to exercise. I had to sprint up 8 flights of stairs today to rush to my class and I think I had a mini heart attack. I am 23….

6. Stand up for myself

I tend to let certain people steamroll over me. I WILL NO LONGER BE FLATTENED

7. Stop guilting myself about things that aren’t in my control

Listen, you are in no way shape or form responsible for other’s reactions to things you do or choices you make, so don’t feel guilty about it.

8. Get a dog

This is a big one. Our lease is up in September and we are 95% sure we will move to somewhere with a pool and that is pet friendly. I WANT A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS

9. Show my boyfriend more appreciation.

I never want to take him for granted. He does so much for us, I want him to always know how much he is appreciated.

10. Pray more

I need to pray more. I need to pray for others. I need to ask to be prayed for. Prayer is powerful. God is mighty.

Well that’s all folks. These are good resolutions because they require effort and change but they are totally doable.

Wish me luck

And I would LOVE to hear your resolutions!

Ugly Babies

I am writing this post because my day started out horrible.


I am one day past due on my license plates, and I was planning on going today to renew them.

THIS MORNING at 3:32 AM, a lovely police officer wrote me a ticket.

So, today is going fantastically well.


Well that for some reason made me think of ugly babies.


Bear with me, it all ties together I promise

Ugly babies

Yes, they exist, they are real.

I’m not being cruel or mean or offensive, but there are babies in the world that are not very cute

I would NEVER tell you to your face that your baby was ugly…but  I would not be ashamed to think it..

Just like bad things happen in the world, like getting a parking ticket, you may give birth a less than cute baby

It’ ok, don’t panic

You’ll love it anyway

I read somewhere once that babies are meant to be cute so that when you are so dead tired after giving birth to one you still want to take care of it…


Anyway, the whole point to this is this

Ugly babies can grow up to be cute

Such as John Travolta.

Side Bar: If you do not find John Travolta in the following picture attractive, leave this blog, and never come back.


 Now, is he a totally ugly baby? But, but…kind of…I mean those eyes..

But he turned out to be a stud

So basically good things do happen

And even though I got a parking ticket this morning, it was only 50 bucks and life goes on.

Parking tickets are not the end of the world and ugly babies can grow up to be cute

Have a happy Wednesday everyone