To the man who honked at me on my way home….

Dear all men who have ever honked at me; I’m sorry.

 I am sorry that you grew up thinking it was ok to honk your horn at me, or any other woman. I’m sorry that you watched your Dad do it or your grandpa do it, and thought it was appropriate or cool. 

It’s not. 

I took a quick walk today to bring Greg his wallet after he left it at home, and on my way home, you honked at me. You, a strange man I’ve never met, drove past me and honked at me. 

And do you know what happened? 

Well, I certinally did not feel flattered. 

No, I felt scared. I tensed up, and gripped my keys in my hand into a makeshift weapon, because I’ve read one too many stories about men who don’t take rejection well. 

Some of you may be thinking “well, she was probably wearing something sexy or looked really hot” 

If any one of you thought that, shame on you. 

Stop victim blaming. 

That is why we have men like Brock Turner raping women, and then getting off basically scott free. 

 I don’t wear my clothes for validation or compliments. 

You don’t need to help grow my self worth, I’ve been planting my own garden for years.

AND, if I did want to show off my body or something I was wearing ….or not wearing, there are plenty of venues I could go and do exactly that; but none of them are outside on the sidewalk. 

For those still stuck in the mindset about what I was wearing, here, I’ll ease your curiousity…..

Do I have to wear a snowsuit? 

It doesn’t matter what I was wearing. I want to be able to walk anywhere I damn well please with being honked at. 

I want to be able to visit my aunt downtown and not have a man lean out his window and yell “hey baby girl, what’s up” 

(I flipped that guy off)

I don’t want to have to raise my future daughter to fear men; to always walk in a group and carry pepper spray and check her drink when she goes to a party. 

But sadly, that’s the world we live in. 

We live in a world where a girl gets raped and our first questions are “was she drinking?”and “what was she wearing?”

We restrict what girls wear to school because we don’t want to distract the boys, instead of teaching the boys to stop seeing women as objects. 

So how do we fix this? 

We start by teaching our boys to stop honking at girls, and then we stop doing it ourselves. 


Break the rules 

Can I just say, I am so glad I am in a relationship and don’t have to experience modern-day dating. 

I would not make it people! 

There are too many labels, or, not enough labels, and there’s reading way too much into your significant other’s social media, and there are SO MANY RULES….

I just read an article and the title was something along the lines of “what guys say when they really care about you”, and I shit you not,the four phrases were, “you’re beautiful, I’m excited to see you, I love you, and I miss you”…..


That’s all it takes?

I get why people call us bitches; apparently we are as easy to please as a dog. 



I mean come on girls, get a grip! 

Let me just tell you what your rules should be when you’re dating..


Here is what should be caring about : Be happy; be healthy. 

Does this person make you happy? And when I say happy, I really mean does this person make you happy 90% of the time? 

Because let’s face it, if you are with anyone long enough, they are going to piss you off or disappoint you at some point. 

They will make you feel things that will not even come close to being happy. But that’s true with anyone. 

We are human beings; being contained in a small space and sharing our lives with someone is hard work. So, find someone that makes you happy at least 90% of the time, and you’ll get through the maybe not so happy 10%

The only only thing you should care about is being in a healthy relationship. 

That’s it. 

Abuse should never be tolerated, in any shape or form. Ever. 

That should be the only thing you worry about, other than that, please be yourself.

If you want to wait to call the guy or gal three days, then wait; but do it because that’s what feels right for you, not because you read an article that said that’s what you should do.

If you want to text that guy or gal when you get home from the date, then do it. 

If they don’t like something you do, then someone else will. 


There will be a fish in the sea that likes that you snort when you laugh, or like to text them a million times a day, or post a million pictures of your cat on social media. 

Be yourself. That’s the rule. 
Seriously my boyfriend better marry me because I would look like this if I was single 

Anyway guys, thanks for reading, I’m going to try to blog more. I’ve had a hard time lately being inspired or motivated to write, but I’m dipping my toes back in the water 
Thanks for reading 🙂 

Review of TRESemmé reverse your routine! 

So I just wanted to quickly share an awesome product I recently received from Influenster to review! I actually loved this shampoo and conditioner set! TRESemmé has always been a brand I’ve like but this new reverse your routine shampoo and conditioner is my new favorite!! 
The idea is that you FIRST condition your hair and THEN shampoo! So you get the shine and softness from the conditioner but your hair is weighed down from it because you shampoo away the weight and dirt and grime after! 
My hair looks clean a lot longer and is so soft and shiny !
I will be buying more of this! I did recieve this for free but my opinions are all my own! 

Check this out!

hey ya’ll I’m trying to get more into blogging! I’m trying, it’s a struggle! Writers block is real. Anyway I wanted to share a side project I am working on with my friend Catherine! We started and new blog which you can find here: Emily And Catherine

We just write letters back and forth. A modern day snail mail! But we will be talking about real issues going on today and all the wonderful things that come along with being a twenty something woman today 🙂 
Tune in, it should be good! 

Life Update

I logged on here the other day to notice that I had not posted anything since May!

Now one of my resolutions this year was to blog more, but a couple months off never killed anyone…..

So here is a little update for you all!

G and I are still madly in love and happy together and just celebrated 2.5 years together on July 5th.

We are taking seriously about our future and marriage 😉

G just got a promotion at work and we are so blessed and thankful and I am so proud of him for all of his hard work!

I have decided that even though my lease says no pets, that I want to sneak a cat in… I need some life in this apartment!

I will be back in school next month (boo)


Summer her in Chicago has sucked major donkey balls. It basically has rained every day and I am over it!

I need sun! (but not too much)

Anyway I wish there was more to update you on but I have only been away a couple months…only so much can happen!

Thanks for reading, I will be trying to get back into the groove of things on here 🙂

Word to Live by

One of many many many many many facebook friends

(I have wayyy more friends on there than I do in real life…)

SIDENOTE: whenever G is feeling sorry for himself or starts to whine about something I always say

“oooo can I come to your party?”

or “I think you need more balloon”


I digress

So This quote was shared on Facebook

“The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it.”

I don’t know who said it but that hardly matters.

The fact is it got to me! Like I want the first line of it tattooed permanently on my body.

This is why I am here

This is why God put me on this planet and blessed me with my big ol’ heart.

I am here to love, to accept, to tell stories, to speak for those who lost their voice, to be your friend, and to live well.

Maybe one day I will have a million dollars in my bank account. But I don’t think that really matters in the grand scheme of things.

At my funeral no one will be talking about how many degrees I had or how much money I had in my accounts.

They will talk about my character and how I treated people.

This is my goal.

This is the person I was born to be.

I fell so incredibly successful.

Do you?

You Had Me at Donuts

I have to share this story with ya’ll.

I was in a crabby mood the other day.

One of those where it did not matter WHAT you said I was determined to be pissed off about it


So my boyfriend left to run some errands and while he was out I knew he was going to this AMAZING grocery store to pick up some asparagus and before he left he asked me if I wanted anything.

I of course said no, because in that moment I wanted NOTHING, because I am dramatic.

So he left and about five minutes later my mind was consumed with the thought of donuts…

This particular grocery store has THE most amazing bakery!


But I am a stubborn old mule and decided to not text my boyfriend to pick me up donuts.

Then when he came home I casually slipped into conversation “I wish you had picked up some donuts…”

And he, understandably exasperated, replied ” well I asked you if you wanted anything before I left why didn’t you say anything???”

And I said “well I didn’t want them until after you left…”

And he asked “Well why didn’t you text me after I left?..”

And I replied with the frustrating, “Well sometimes I want you to just know what I want without me having to tell you, I want you to read my mind”..

Isn’t this true ladies???

Wouldn’t the world be so much better if men could just know what we want as we want it???

So I laugh it off (sarcastically because, mood) and I sit down to eat dinner that my boyfriend made me

( I was a joy to be living with that day)..

And after he cleared my plate and did the dishes…(again, I’m soo sorry baby )

he opened the cabinet where he then proceeded to pull out ….



I mean…


I am one lucky lady.

You had me at donuts ❤